Sunday, 13 February 2011


The Nymphs



  1. Wow! -looks like you had great fun.

    Interesting ideas...I LOVE the swagging you did at the back in the 2nd Nymph picture.
    Also good ideas for Dido.

    Give me another 2 days to digest and and think about the images and a more detailed 'comment' will appear.
    great work guys.

  2. photo 1) nice colours- I like the cream, it is less harsh on the eyes. Too messy though.
    photo 2)Beautiful. Drapery exactly what I had in mind with colour element. On right lines. something like this for nypmphs or drapery in another colour or stiffer fabric. I am thinking the 'base'could have such texture and movement. The sleeve is also lovely.

  3. photo 3)A bit too messy, though right idea for blue swaggs at the back. Ribbon on the base is interesting.
    photo 4)Concept is there though with photo 2's look would be perfect, more grecian look.

  4. photo 5) Nice idea with the bow, but lacks the volume of photo 2.
    Photo 6)I prefered the less structured look of the bodice. Sleeves more appropriate for Dido...?

  5. photo 7) draping of the side photo convinces me more than at the front in photo 6.
    Photo 8)I am not convinced.
    photo 9)I am not convinced except the lovely sleeves could be good for Dido.

  6. Dido photos:
    I have to admit I don't like the military look for Dido. Although she is a queen, she has very feminine traits: so no belts or trousers please.
    The sleeves you chose are lovely, and maybe an off the shoulder cut like you suggested in the photo with the fabric around shoulders would be beautiful. Though your thicker fabric sleeve emenates the paintings we have looked at. I also liked how you wrapped fabric around the white sleeves, manipulating the voloume.
    Nice play with overskirt, but also without might be nice.
    Perhaps Dido/Sorceress unlike the other females do not need ribbons across the front. What about Dido having a sackback which is hitched up? So she looks like a mortal queen from the times...Mary II painting in red.