Thursday, 17 February 2011

some sketches - tell me what you think

Aeneas first version

-here I was thinking of Laura's idea using leather
-the doublet could be a quite plain one with a pleated part, alluding to armor and antique greek and roman

Aeneas and his friend

 -they still need colouring, but I thought I keep that open for now
-Aeneas friend has elements of sailors and of mercury

-the element of the white chemise underneath could be an ongoing theme in all the costumes and then things can be built up on top of it


 -elements of hunting, military

 -a more colourful version
-also much more feminine due to the emphasis on the waist and the wider hips (in that case we would probably need a corset, whereas in the following version we might get around it. Although the next version could be adapted to a more feminine one)

 A more masculine Dido
(personally my favorite)

-I like the colour palette
-fabrics I was thinking could be leather and some fur, taffeta and wool
-it was interesting for me to look at Dido with the idea of her representing the british people (allegory) and therefore I tried to combine the elemnts of femininity, masculinity, military, hunt/nature and royalty

Dido's Counterpart - The sorceress

-similar to the more masculine version of Dido (Maria mentioned to maybe make Dido and the sorceress similar)

The Nymphs in two different versions, one good one bad

 -here I was thinking to make use of bands to pull up the fabric and make visible the maybe darker coloured layers underneath that allude to a darker world.


  1. Great ideas for Aeneas. I like them very much!
    Perhaps the 'sailor' could look similar to Aeneas but a bit less grand.

    We have a problem with Mercury....Basically originally we had a counter tenor for the part, who can no longer able to do it. This will mean a man for the 'sailor' but the mercury to be sung by a woman as it is a soprano role. This is not ideal as I dislike women playing men as it is very obvious it is not a man!! Maybe we can stage it creatively and only see a head with a helmet with wings on it?! Thinking caps on!

  2. I have to be honest I don't see Dido at all in a military manner and therefore have to say no the trousers. When I say hunting I mean more Diana-like. I like the sleeve details you have drawn for Dido, and think the shoulder-line cut of the first version is really lovely. I also like the strong colour. I think I would like to keep Dido in one strong colour. I like the looseness of the bodice in the first version but the shape of the bodice in teh second one. Do you remember we spoke about a loose look of fabric over the defined feminine bodice shape?
    She is a passionate queen.

  3. I like the sandels for nymphs! Interesting idea for pulling up the fabric to reveal a darker layer underneath.

    Sorry, I know I said that I think I wanted the Sorceress to be like Dido. I think I am changing my mind. Perhaps something simpler. Something like the Nymphs as a base and then a a heavy dark cloak to cover it with a hood. You practically don't see what is under the cloak at all. Maybe the illusion that she is naked underneath might be interesting. She is a concept like the Nymphs and therfore having her look like Dido might not be right. What about when the Nypmhs 'become' evil they also have some sort of covering/cloak- albeit of a lighter material....and dark blue...I'll explain the reason for this colour on Saturday. I quite like the idea of the Sorceress in Black. Sorry if all this has changed!